North Florida hCare Access Help

Password Reset Instructions

You can access the Password Reset tool by clicking on this icon from the hCare desktop:

The first time you use the tool you will need to enroll by logging in with your network ID (3-4 ID) and password. You will be prompted to select and answer 4 security questions. These can be used later if you forget your network password.

To reset password log into the tool with your network ID (3-4 ID) and password (if you do not remember your password, you can choose Answer Security Questions as your authentication method). Once logged in choose Change Password link under My profile on the main menu. Your 3-4 ID will display. To the right type your new password in twice in the boxes provided. Click Change Password.

You will be prompted to log off the system and log back in with the new password you just set.

Questions: Contact the Service Desk at 1-888-252-3424